Ogasawara Islands It is the islands that make everyone smile



The Galapagos of the Orient, which have never been connected to any continent.

Located 1,000 km south of Tokyo, the Ogasawara Islands consist of over 30 islands floating in the Pacific Ocean. About 2,000 people live in the Chichijima Island, and about 500 people live in the Hahajima Island. However, except for these islands, most islands are uninhabited.

The Ogasawara Islands were registered as the World Natural Heritage site in June 2011. The islands have a lot of endemic plants in the forest as well as abundant nature that endemic insects and land snails inhabit. The Ogasawara Islands have one of the clearest seas in the world, and you can enjoy marine sports such as diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, fishing, kayaking and surfing in the deep blue ocean called "Bonin Blue".
You will also be blown away by the magnificent nature registered as a world heritage site, through trekking in the forest where primary forest under subtropical climate remains, and observing nocturnal creatures such as green glowing mushrooms called "Green Pepe" and Bonin fruit bats unique to Ogasawara under a night sky which is the best starry sky in Japan.

  • The deep blue ocean called 「Bonin Blue」
  • Whale watching
  • Green glowing mushrooms called 「Green Pepe」


PADI 5 Star DIVE RESORT that has been open in Chichijima Island since 1983.

Papa's Diving Studio is the only "PADI 5 Star DIVE RESORT" among all PADI RESORTs in Ogasawara, which can provide courses for from an introductory diving to a professional diving. All our staff are PADI professional, and most of them have an instructor license. They fully support for anything to make you enjoy the sea, any request for a course as well as any concern or problem solving. We provide a conformable diving cruise by "PAPA'S ALFA", a sixty-five-foot-tall diving cruiser fully equipped with shower, cabin room with air conditioner, shower toilet and electric outlet for 100V, etc.
The enriched air is also available for a charge at PAPA'S. Now, let’s enjoy diving safely, comfortably, in the beautiful Bonin Blue sea of Ogasawara, with us, PAPA'S DIVING STUDIO.

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  • Dolphin swim
  • Snorkelling
    Tropical fish


Welcome to "Another Home" in Ogasawara.

We, PAPA'S, have two resort hotels of "PAPA'S ISLAND RESORT" and a new annex "HALE". Our policy is to make all of you feel "relaxing and homey atmosphere as the time that a family member comes back home from a long journey".
"PAPA'S ISLAND RESORT" is an early American style resort, which is spaciously build with a loft. You can stay here, feeling homey as you return to your hometown.
A new annex “HALE” is a Hawaiian style hotel with a sense of openness, which is located in the center of the town. The place is very convenient to go shopping, do activities and go sightseeing. In each hotel, we provide a wide variety of delicious meals from traditional Japanese cuisine, Chinese and original dishes, abundantly using ingredients of the island. These meals make our customers delighted.

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Travel by ship for 24 hours, 1,000km away from the port of Tokyo.

The Ogasawara can be accessed only by ship. Usually, a liner ship "OgasawaraMaru" runs between "Takeshiba Pier" of the port of Tokyo and "Futami Pier" of Chichijima Island, and it takes twenty-four hours for one way. A basic schedule for Ogasawara is the five nights and six days trip, spending a night on the going ship, three nights in Chichijima Island and a night on the return ship.

Access to "Takeshiba Pier"
Takeshiba Pier
Nearest Railway Station
  • Yurikamome Train: Adjacent to "Takeshiba Station"
  • JR Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line: about 8 minutes' walk from "Hamamatsu-cho Station"
  • Subway Asakusa Line or Oedo Line: about 11 minutes' walk from "Daimon Station"
From Haneda Airport
Haneda Airport → (Monorail) Hamamatsu-cho → (JR) Shimbashi → (Yurikamome Train) Takeshiba

For purchasing a ticket for OgasawraMaru, please contact Ogasawara Kaiun or National Land.

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National Land
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